Chateau de Coudot

Château de Coudot is run by the Blanchard family (Joël, Daniel, and Rémy) in the purest Médoc tradition. An exceptional estate and vineyard in Cussac Fort Médoc, it was established in 1987, it focuses on producing red Bordeaux wines with the purest respect for the Médoc tradition.

Today, the Blanchard family cultivates their own vines and oversees a process that includes estate bottling — from harvest to vinification, wine production is done in strict compliance with Médoc tradition. The estate is one several small growers in Médoc who have been named “Crus Artisans,” a quality reference for consumers that honors both excellence in winemaking and adherence to tradition.

Today, the estate extends over 11 hectares, with its well-drained, gravel-rich alluvial soils emblematic of the very best of the Médoc. This terroir has allowed it to be one of just ten small estates still operating in the area, growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

The wines produced by Joël Blanchard and his family tell an authentic, captivating story, one of a profession that drives its practitioners, year after year, to produce excellent wines, each carefully crafted from the best vines across the estate to represent the very best of Médoc.

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