Domaine de Montvac

Established in 1860 by Louis Avon, Domaine de Montvac is a female-run winery, with Cécile Dusserre and her husband currently running operations along with their three daughters. Encompassing 22 hectares across Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Côtes-du-Rhône, the estate has been certified organic since 2014, with a particular focus on mixed plantings. 

Using no herbicides or pesticides, Domaine de Montvac seeks to embellish the nature of the local climate, which includes the Rhône Valley’s famous Mistral. These winds serve to cool the valley, keeping the vines free of humidity and increasing their yield. When harvested, from the hand-constructed vines, the grapes are de-stemmed, not crushed, allowing the complex character of the native yeasts to shine through.

Vinification and aging are conducted in demi-muid barrels for white wines, on the lees, with no stirring, while reds are aged in concrete, preserving the terroir as best as possible. All of the fermentation is natural, with the native yeasts helping the  wines maximize their potential, with Wineglobes helping the various terroir to shine as brightly as possible. Additionally, all wine is estate-bottled, allowing Cécile and her team, which also includes daughter Amélie, to have the highest degree of control over this crucial stage of the production process.

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