Domaine Des Bouzons

In some families one generation follows the next in the same trade, in particular when passion aids in the proverbial passing of the torch. This is certainly the case in Domaine des Bouzons, where six generations of a dedicated family of winegrowers and winemakers have tended to the vineyards

This is a story of passion passed down from father to son, which endures and withstands the test of time. Today this story is told by Marc Serguier, proud heir to a domaine steeped in history; a place where he spent his childhood and cultivated his talent. It’s also a place where, he has undertaken, with his son Nicolas and his wife, to create wines of character, which every sip reveals a touch of the family’s spirit.Located in the Meridional part of the Côtes du Rhône, close to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the estate today comprises 30 hectares of vines, producing AOP Côtes du Rhone in a sandy, clay-limestone terroir. Nicolas, representing the newest generation, has started a conversion toward organic farming, eliminating the use of chemicals and favoring more natural techniques, echoing a working philosophy cultivated and enriched over the years, with organic certification expected in 2023.

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