Domaine du Prince

The Jouves family have been winemakers in Cournou (in the center of the Cahors appellation, roughly equidistant between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrénées) for over three centuries; land and vines have been passed down from father to son since these ancient times. Legend says that a family ancestor brought wine to the King of France and, having had an audience with the king, the villagers nicknamed him“Le Prince,”  a nickname still used by the old farming families of Cournou.

The vineyard, which focuses on Merlot (called Cot Noir locally) is located on the plateau that overlooks the Lot River Valley, boasting more than 67 acres of chalky-clay soil, watered only by the rain, giving the wine a unique taste. At Domaine du Prince, quality and environmental conservation are the primary concern. As regards quality, traditional wine making is done without use of any yeast, nor aromatic additives. Our wines are aged in real oak barrels  — no oak chips, powder or toasted oak additives of any kind.

Looking toward environmental conservation, the estate’s decisions are made upon the principles of respectful treatment of the land, including the use of phytosanitary (plant-friendly) products for organic culture, minimal use of copper, and the incorporation of farm-produced manure into the fertilization process.

Our wine