Domaine Roses Camille

Christophe Bardeau, owner and winemaker, works beautiful plots in the famed region of Pomerol and nearby Lalande de Pomerol. His vineyard was inherited by Christophe’s family nearly 70 years ago, from a family who had? and he learned his trade working alongside his grandfather as a teenager, absorbing his experience before undergoing formal training in Bordeaux and working at other nearby châteaux before returning to his family’s estate.

The tiny estate (just one hectare) has soil which is predominantly clay and gravel, with a few hints of iron, which allows the soil to take on a bluish tint, a characteristic for which Pomerol is renowned. With a terroir featuring more than 95% Merlot, the domain boasts vines which average more than sixty years old and are worked in a traditional way but is not certified. 

Sitting less than a kilometer from the famed Château Pétrus, Christophe’s terroir is among the best in Pomerol, and allows him to produce a variety of wines, including a 100% Merlot which is one of the world’s most celebrated Kosher wines. With four regularly produced wines, Christophe skilfully shows the way that different factors such as the age of barrels or small additions of other grapes can make for refined distinctions among expressions.

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